Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Computer Books on the iPad

I've recently discovered CHMate for my iPad. I've been looking for a .chm reader for a while.The OTA document transfer is really neat. The hosts a little website where you can upload your .chm files. The app reformats your documents and fonts and has an option for black background. A++

Why .chm you ask ? IMO it's the best format for technical literature ( or any literature ). Easy reformatting, lightweight, and it's not PDF. I have a huge backlog of technical literature from a.b.e-book.technical that I've been meaning to go to. Here's the roster. I'll try to blog about these a little individually
  1. Exceptional C++
  2. Modern C++ Design
  3. Code Complete
  4. In Search Of Stupidity
That'll probably last me through the winter.

God Of War 3

Yet another Video Game review. About a year late. I'm on the Craigslist get-it-later cycle.

All in all an awesome game. Having recently finished Darksiders, this feels like a more epic and slightly better polished version.

There is some small carnal pleasure in absolutely murdering everyone in Greek mythology. The redemption plot wasn't all that believable.