Monday, October 1, 2007

The Pragmatic Programmer - Andrew Hunt, David Thomas

This was a 'class' assignment during training for work. The book starts off strong with good style suggestions, clever ideas, and funny interjections. It's a well written book, with many of what I felt are good points. However, I have managed to come up with some harsh words for it:
  1. Its exactly not what it's promises to be: pragmatic
  2. As many 'punchline' books do, this one starts of strong with a pre-boiled set of points, and keeps chewing on them for the rest of the book.
  3. In the spirit of above, the later chapters of the book lose focus and discuss some minor irrelevant points.
  4. It feels like a 20% auto-summary of every blog post on JoelOnSoftware

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