Tuesday, June 3, 2008

5ives: Things I don't like about the subway

  • running nose and no tissues. I end up combating snot for 45minutes. Sometimes I ask strangers for tissues. Rarely does anyone ever take pity.
  • dudes in expensive suits on the 4/5. If I had a $5k suit, it'd cab it to client meetings
  • the riff-raff
  • people who have not yet adjusted to the daily violation of their 'personal space'
  • people who stare back, thats just uncomfortable


systerectomy said...

then you stare too much [=.

But I hate that 'open space' in the subway. It's maybe rude to look directly at the people in front of you, but come on they're right in front of you, you can't keep looking up.

sometimes I pretend I'm sleeping and lean in the person sitting below me and open my eyes every once in a while.

Naive Bayesian said...

I just rock sunglasses