Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Hipster PDA Week 1 Results

I've been using my hPDA for a week and it's mostly been a positive experience. Aside from taking some flak from my less tech savvy friends it's been well received by my peers. In a short list, here are some negatives:
  • Limited multimedia capabilities and no mp3 support
  • Not a very 'rugged' device. My BB Pearl survived the thunderstorm by managing not to partially disintegrate
  • Bulky - again, the Pearl has a smaller and more attractive form-factor
  • Does not sync with Lotus Notes
  • No internet apps or the ability to install $10 Apps ( like MonkeyBall )
What the hPDA does offer is a very good experience of reflecting on the various tasks and to-dos of my life. Sitting down with a pen and paper beats the BB Pearl hands down: Whenever I have attempted to do this on the Pearl I end up mostly fiddling with the device, pressing random buttons and eventually end up playing BrickBreaker. I find the pen&paper approach a lot more productive

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