Monday, April 5, 2010

Knowing ( Movie, 2009 )

What a TERRIBLE movie. It was just such a giant let down. Cage goes through this whole predeterminaism vs randomness spiel, figures out all this stuff, and still the world explodes. It looks like his only purpose in the movie is to get his kid to the Pebble Meadow where the Noah's Ark aliens are hanging out. Except that the aliens kidnap the kids and bring them to the Pebble Meadow anyway. What was the whole point of Cage even being in the movie ?
What was the point of the movie ? There's no plot ark, there's no real tension or resolution. We could have just watched 3 days of Nick Cage's boring astrophysicist's life and then everyone get set on fire in the last 3 minutes of the film
At least The Day The Earth Stood Still had a point - stop polluting. Or maybe the point was that if we destroy New Jersey ( at least everything around the Meadowlands ), we'll be ok. What was the point here? Beware of solar flares ? Don't let creepy kids make time capsules ? Maybe this was just a massive sunscreen ad.

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