Sunday, September 19, 2010

Weekend NYC ride

I biked to work & back - about 25miles in 3hrs. My route via GMaps

I caught a stickball game Carroll and 7th. It was the most Park Slope thing I've ever witnessed in Park Slope ( except for maybe the Halloween parade ). It was an old-timers game, guys with gray hair and think 'how YOU doin', kid' accents. A Jetta and an Forrester served as 1st and 3rd base. I didn't quite catch what consituted 2nd base, but I guessed it was a fruit delivery truck. The block and intersection was packed with people in slippers enjoying fare from local cafes. People were consuming things from triangular and oval packaging - I assumed sandwiches or ice cream. Every 3 minutes, the entire game would pause to let cars through. This involved a couple of guys yelling at minivans and Volvos full of confused passengers and amused drivers.

I also visited Prospect Park. This seem to be the formula for everyone : Aquire plaid shirts and vintage bicycle. Picnic in Prospect Park. Loudly discuss digital media or your relationships.

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